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When rivals meet.


Bumi snorted and threw his hands in the air. “No Aang didn’t learn earthbending from me. I did not have the time to teach him. Although I did teach him something just as valuable. When he arrived at me he only thought as an airbender. When he left his mind was open and he had the ability to think about a problem in new ways. Aang told me the other Avatars told him, he’d have to kill Ozai to stop him. It is against an Air Nomads ways to kill, luckily he was able to think about the problem he faced in a new way.” Grinning back at her, he couldn’t help but feel proud himself having refuted her. “I had my reasons for not fighting the Fire Nation. If my people stayed and fought many of them would have died. If I forced them to flee and allow myself to be taken then it would assure their safety. Also I did break out of my metal container. Some of us don’t need to touch the earth or use our hands and feet to earthbend! So there!” Sticking out his tongue, “Pppbth!”

Slumping his shoulders slightly Bumi shrugged. “I guess I’ll have to find some on my own then.”

This old guy was really getting on Toph’s nerves, it wasn’t just that he kept shutting down her attempts at trying to shush him up. But it was also the fact that he of how proud Bumi was being about it. “Yeah! Yeah! You didn’t discover and use Metalbending though, that my dear old friend is what makes me the World’s Greatest Earthbender. Didn’t you end up using the eclipse or something?” She merely shrugged, but Toph had made sure to add sarcasm on the words ‘dear old friend’ as she talked.

Smirking mainly for herself, Toph said absentmindedly, “Well I do still have the chuck that Sokka gave me, it’s a great stress reliever or just fun when my students are working on their training.” She really wasn’t intending on saying it out loud, but more just voiced her thoughts, as she pulled the bracelet on her arm off and bended it back to the form a rock.

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